The ANU branch of the world’s largest international, student-driven consultancy was established in 2012. Since then, ANU has successfully completed projects in fundraising, strategy, marketing and organisation. Throughout the year, the ANU branch of 180 Degrees Consulting runs professional networking nights, presentation evenings and training sessions for consultants.


The Australian National University, Acton, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Australian National University


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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Domestic Violence Crisis Service

    Area: Marketing
    Year: 2014

    The Domestic Violence Crisis Service (DVCS) is seeking to assess their existing visual presence.This encompasses their visual representation on flyers, posters, their website and their possible foray into social media.

    The team is creating a new visual marketing strategy for DVCS to use across all marketing platforms and reconfiguring the client's website.
  • LegalAid ACT

    Area: Compliance
    Year: 2014

    LegalAid ACT currently faces difficulties as a result of strict conflict of interest laws governing which clients providers of legal services are able to take on. As a result, many potential clients who are in need of legal assistance and have no other alternative when seeking help are unable to be aided by LegalAid.

    The team is investigating alternative frameworks governing conflicts of interest in other jurisdictions and is drafting preliminary legislative amendments to the existing Australian framework.

    Area: Strategy
    Year: 2014

    SEE-CHANGE is a community, not-for-profit group that aims to inspire, inform and support action to reduce Canberra's ecological footprint. In light of this, SEE-CHANGE wishes to explore the potential opportunities for car share schemes in Canberra and the steps required to bring this idea to life.

    The team is assessing the feasibility of car share programs and investigating the ecological benefits of such programs.



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