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As a member of the international 180 Degrees consultancy family, we strive for actively bringing social impact by offering student-based consultancy to social businesses and social organizations in Hamburg.

Our vision is to chart the course of the organization, to spread the network and effectively contribute social impact in Hamburg. Our actions will generate advantage not only for our clients but also for everyone involved in the process – our partners, sponsors and especially for the students.

Students will be scouted and carefully selected based on their level of motivation, drive, engagement and potential.



180 Degrees Consulting

Dates // Summer Cycle:

Interviews Applicants:   04. – 13. May 2017

Kick-Off:                        19. – 20. May 2017

Consulting Period:         May 2017 – September 2017

Final Event:                    9. September 2017

Hangouts:                       Once every month (details on facebook)

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       Start with a Friend

Start with a Friend e.V. is active in twelve german cities and is a social organization whose aim is to help refugees integrate in our society. They help refugees by pairing them with locals to help them find a job, learn a new language and form valuable friendships. Over 30 mediators meet up with refugees and locals and match them based on their interests and needs. At this point, they have created more than a hundred pairs resulting in very interesting opportunities for both parties. Nevertheless, the program is so successful that Start with a Friend cannot meet the demand as there is an imbalance between the number of refugees and locals who apply to participate in this program. Therefore the goal of this consulting project is to establish a marketing strategy to help balance out the number applicants and to further increase the active integration of refugees in our society.

 Ecomap Logo

The EcoMap

The EcoMap is a student initiative that aims to increase the awareness of sustainable products and services in Hamburg. The online-based map shows fashion stores, restaurants, mobility providers and other offers that are ranked on their degree of sustainability. Originally, the EcoMap was founded in St. Gallen before it was started in Hamburg as part of the student group Oikos e.V. in 2014. By now, the Hamburg branch of the EcoMap has seized the initiative to further develop the EcoMap by planning a more sophisticated internet webpage and a mobile application. Also, an organizational restructuring is on its way in order to improve the knowledge management and the effectiveness. However, the team has realized that, as a student-based organization, it would be difficult to secure resources and commitment to develop professionally. Therefore, the objective of the consulting project is to develop ideas for a sustainable business model that allows the EcoMap to be independent of student fluctuation and enables it to improve the service performance. In order to fully analyze the future potential of the EcoMap, the project would also have to consider spin-off possibilities in combination with identifying business opportunities.


 EBC – University of applied Sciences

The European Business College (EBC) is a private university of applied sciences that offers international orientated business programs in Hamburg. Besides the regular academic work, the EBC is highly engaged in the social development of the city and supports multiple charitable organizations. For some time, refugees have arrived in Hamburg, who desire to start or continue their academic education but often lack the German language skills required at public universities. Study programs that are available in English, like the ones at the EBC, are usually connected with high tuition fees. In order to resolve this social problem, the EBC is willing to participate in a scholarship program for refugees that is planned to be set up in cooperation with its business partners. Therefore, the objective of the consulting project is to develop an implementable concept for the structure and the funding of that program. Among others aspects, this includes collaborating with the business partners of the EBC and the refugee community in Hamburg.



Hamburg Leuchtfeuer is a non-profit which was founded in 1994. It is a hospice for ill and dying people and guides them trough their life. Furthermore, Hamburg Leuchtfeuer supports HIV-positive people with psychological help and finding housing. In 2007 Hamburg Leuchtfeuer opened the “Lotsenhaus” in Altona. It is a place for burial, grief counseling and education. Now Leuchtfeuer is planning a place where young incurable sick people can stay.

To document their social impact, they want to do a Social Impact Measuring for their annual report. Therefore, the objective of the consulting project is to help Hamburg Leuchtfeuer and implement tools that they are able to prepare an annual report recording to the Social Reporting Standards on their own.

(Please note that we would prefer german-speaking consultants for this project.)


Hamburg, Germany



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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • ElbFaire

    Year: 2017

    The Café ElbFaire is not only a sustainably conscious café and meeting point but also serves as a main economic source for the Ökumenische Forum HafenCity e.V.. As such, the Ökumenische Forum is looking to make the café more economically sustainable through process and sales operation optimizations. The aim of this project is to develop creative and implementable strategies that increase the profitability of the café while preserving the locality as a place of hospitality and sustainability. This may include strategies & analysis in the areas of work processes, cost accounting, scaling measures, and communication.

  • Millerntor Gallery

    Year: 2017

    The Millerntor Gallary Collective organizes art, music and culture festivals with diverse artists and street artists as well as cultural and educational programs that bring communities together to reflect on how we can positively influence the world. During these events artwork is offered for sale to support Viva con Agua Sankt Pauli in their efforts to ensure reasonable access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation needs. However, in many cases, not all of the artwork is sold. Some of these unsold artworks are currently being stored in a warehouse in need of a sales and distribution plan. The stored art is neither known to nor accessible to potential buyers. Therefore, the aim of the consulting project is to develop an implementable concept for the handling, marketing, and sale of this artwork. Among other aspects, the current developments in the digital art market will be considered.

  • Soziago

    Year: 2017

    Soziago is an online platform that facilitates information sharing and the assessment of social facilities such as child and youth welfare services, nursing care, and other healthcare services. Soziago not only hopes to create more transparency, but also to improve quality management standards in the social service sector. Soziago therefore also wants to offer value-added assessment and customer survey information services to companies for a small fee. The database will be going live in November, initially for the Hamburg area only. In the roll-out phase, it is important for Soziago to effectively approach their target group(s). In this context, our consultants will be concerned with developing an implementable communication and marketing strategy. Additionally, the financial concept and model for their nationwide roll-out should also be considered and revised.

  • Fair Furnisher

    Area: Social Start-Up
    Year: 2016

    Fair Furnisher employs refugees who help recycle reusable resources from exhibition stands at trade fairs. The recycled furnitures are sold afterwards to refinance the program.

    “We expected something else and must admit that we are very impressed by your work. Our consultants worked very target-orientated and focused on the two topics. The results are very helpful for our further work and we are grateful to have had such experts on board.”

    Area: Impact Investment Organisation
    Year: 2016

    GEXSI is an international social investment agency which works at the interface of philanthropy and conventional investments.

    "It was great to work with the 180DC team. In particular, the work on the positioning and branding of our new social fund helped a lot. As our project is much about engaging younger people, it became clear to us that it is a logical step to develop the strategy together with our target group”
  • Waldmenschen eG

    Area: Social Start-up
    Year: 2016

    Waldmenschen eG is a social start-up offering an impact investment possibility for private persons by enabling a reforestation in Panama.

    "Fresh thinking, fresh ideas and a very nice group of people. They picked a rough idea and helped it to become a real concept."
  • B Corp

    Area: Social Enterprise
    Year: 2016

    B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. The organization and network is growing internationally as well as within Germany.

    "It was great to work with the 180 Degree Consulting team. It helped us a lot to reflect our strategy on how to build the B Corp movement, and to take in new ideas".
  • Netzwerk Migration in Europa e.V. – grenzgänger I forschung & training

    Area: Social Start-up
    Year: 2015

    Gränzgänger raises awareness of and consciousness about migration. To achieve that, a range of educational offers are provided, such as seminars, guided sightseeing city walks and harbor tours.

    "We all really enjoyed the experience with 180 dc and being part of this stunning project! It was so much fun to meet all these inspiring, motivated and clever people. We experienced 180 as very structured and professional."
  • Schülerpaten Hamburg

    Area: Social Start-up
    Year: 2015

    The social start-up "Schülerpaten Hamburg" aims to offer personal tutoring for pupils with migration background offered by volunteer students. The focus in Hamburg lays within the international preparation classes for migrants.

    "Our consultants from 180 Degrees Consulting were always professional and had a great hands-on approach. They gave us an excellent analysis of our weaknesses and strenghts and thus enabled us to improve our business tremendously."
  • Strassenblues

    Area: Social Start-up
    Year: 2015

    The initiative creates a platform providing information about homeless people and to give homeless people the opportunity to present themselves and their story. The overall goal is to generate solutions for people on the street, to discuss them interactively and to medially accompany them on their path. The voice of homeless people should leave an imprint and resonate in the long run.

    "The team of 180 DC Hamburg was highly motivated and supportive, as well as a great mentor for our online presence. We could not have handled the sudden positive response by the media and social networks better without them. They went above and beyond and we are highly appreciating their help. We would be more than happy to keep this business partnership for the future."
  • App Camps

    Area: Social Start-up
    Year: 2015

    The social start-up "App Camps" aims to empower and inspire young people by coding and let coding inspire them. The goal is to increase social advancement and create chances to express oneself by providing teaching material and educational platforms for schools.

    "Working together with 180 degrees Consulting Hamburg was great. They really supported us and gave us some great ideas how to improve our approach."
  • Caspalina

    Area: Donations
    Year: 2015

    Caspalina is hosting major events to generate donations for reasonable organizations who care for seriously ill, handicapped and disabled children.

    "180 Degrees is international, young and very dynamic. For us, it was very useful to get objective and professional advice from outside. Sometimes this perspective from the outside is most crucial, when you work intensively in a team with people who more or less have the same background."



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