180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s leading provider of very high quality consulting services for non-profits, social enterprises and socially minded companies.

Each year we work with several hundred organizations to help them overcome challenges they’re facing and increase their social impact. We’ve worked with organizations as large as Red Cross and World Vision, right through to small start-up social enterprises.


  • Amnesty International

    "180 Degrees was an incredible help to us. They deserve a score of 10/10 with no reservations. I would highly recommend 180 Degrees to all other charities. 180 was very professional and worked hard to deliver innovative, helpful, and well-researched recommendations. We're immensely grateful for their assistance and advice. It's made a big difference to our ability to help others in need."

  • Habitat for Humanity

    “180 Degrees surpassed my highest expectations by a large margin. They challenged the assumptions on which we have been operating for many years, and provided us with a thorough model that is scalable. The conclusions we have been able to draw from the business model 180 developed have been outstanding. Thank you!”

  • Red Cross

    “We had been struggling with some issues for a very long time. It was great to have that outside perspective. 180 Degrees exceeded our expectations greatly in terms of what they have contributed. I cannot think of any improvements to their advice or way of working with us. A massive help.”

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    Thank you for your interest in receiving services from 180 Degrees Consulting! We are the world's largest university based consultancy and provide socially conscious organisations around the world with very high quality, extremely affordable consulting services. We are committed to working with organisations to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to the challenges they are facing. Before completing this application form, please ensure that you have read and understood the information on our website.