Welcome to 180 Degrees Cambridge! We’re excited to bring the world’s largest and most prestigious student consultancy to Cambridge! We aim to provide the highest quality consulting services to worthwhile organisations, and provide highly talented university students with life-defining experiences!

Why join 180 DC Cambridge?

1. Make a difference on our clients and those they reach

Our work involves helping our clients reach their full potential and overcome the issues they are facing, which in turn, allows them to directly affect their customers or program recipients. Very few other opportunities at university allow students to make such a tangible impact on real organizations.

2. Apply your skills to a real world problem and gain hands on work experience

Our philosophy and mission focuses heavily upon helping our members achieve their professional development goals. Working with 180DC provides members with invaluable experience which can be used to demonstrate interest and experience in consulting on their CV and talk about during interviews.

3. Meet like-minded students and make valuable networks

Joining 180 Degrees Consulting allows our members to carve out a smaller community within the University of Cambridge, and develop friendships that extend outside of organization events.

4. Be a part of the world’s largest student consultancy!

180 Degrees consulting has existed in its current form since 2015. Over the past two years it has expanded rapidly and now has 81 branches spread over 33 countries. We have over 5000 students working on projects at any given time. Apply now to become one of them!

How to apply?

We have now officially opened applications for Lent 2018. Below find a list of projects you could be working with next term. To apply,

1. Fill up the application form on https://goo.gl/forms/kTq0Og1snWVRvW8j1 (or the form at the bottom of the page)
2. Send your CV to cambridge.recruiting@180dc.org

Apply before Wednesday, 24th January, 10:00PM!

Rolling applications, so apply quickly!


Name Area Project Description
Alzheimer’s Research UK

Fundraising Strategy

Alzheimer’s Research funds pioneering research that can benefit people with dementia. They would like the 180DC team to research into how secondary and private schools fundraise and what drives successful fundraising, in order to develop a strategy for Alzheimer’s Research UK that targets private and secondary schools, ideally linked around the theme of the charity’s work (science, dementia, the brain).

Volo Group UK

Product and Pricing Strategy VOLO Group is a London-based social enterprise that has built a digital platform, VOLO, to enable charities to promote their highly-skilled volunteer roles to student volunteers. The client would like 180DC to establish other data points the platform should collect to enable their clients to accurately judge impact, find key drivers that enable students to record significant data points on the platform, understand the data collected by VOLO, and identify any additional development needed to improve VOLO. Finally, from the above analysis, the 180DC team should develop a fair charity pricing strategy for use of the platform.
Churchill College Alumni Office

Competitor Analysis and Strategy

Churchill College Alumni Office offers a lot of services and support to current and former students. They would like 180DC to establish how to build stronger links between the alumni office and the current student community. The client would like to see benchmarking analysis of their current efforts against other colleges and Universities, and a strategy for them to establish a deeper understanding amongst the student body about the Office and its value to students, in order to retain more students as active alumni to support future students going forward.


Market Entry Strategy

WaterScope is developing a fast, simple bacterial test that anybody can use and is capable of identifying bacteria from any liquid. They would like 180DC to identify alternative developing markets for their system, as well as potential markets of high impact. For example, markets of high impact could include, but are not limited too: TB testing, MRSA screening in hospitals, and Cholera testing.

Cambridge Citizens Advice Bureau 

Client Engagement Strategy CCAB is a local charity providing free, non-judgmental, confidential and impartial advice to help people overcome crises and daily problems together with many NGO partners. They would like 180DC’s help with maintaining client engagement after the initial crisis has been progressed/resolved, in order to give feedback or be ambassadors in a support network to others going through similar crises. The client would like the 180DC team to meet with project partners and clients in order to develop a strategy for former client retention.

Dr Ljiljana Fruk, Cambridge Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Business Strategy (Commercialization of idea) The client, Dr Ljiljana Fruk, has partnered with a chef and the commercial food technology institute to open a restaurant to advance the knowledge on sustainable food production. With regards to the venue, they have secured a Castle(!) in Croatia and plan to turn half of it into a restaurant and other half into a foot technology lab. They would like 180DC to explore the market to turn the idea into a sustainable business, how they can help local communities benefit from the business and explore sources of funding and identify the key stakeholders in the project.


Market Analysis InstaHEAL Telemedicine provides telehealth services for people suffering from mental illnesses through easing access to professional psychiatrists and consultation services that can be accessed from home, e.g. through videoconferencing. They would like 180DC to explore the potential for telehealth services for rural populations in selected target markets.



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